Starr’s steak & home made chips


Steak and chips – a firm British favourite. Make your own chips for that much-missed pub chip taste!

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Steak night!

Make your own chips

Turn the oven up to gas mark 8 and place a baking tray with some oil on the top shelf to warm. Slice the potatoes, par-boil for 5 minutes, drain thoroughly, scatter with some salt and pepper and place them in the baking tray with the hot oil. Return to the oven for 25-30 minutes.

The mushrooms

Cook face down in the griddle pan with a knob of butter for a couple of minutes and repeat on the other side. Place in the oven to cook through.

The steak

Two rump steaks from Starr’s – cook on a griddle pan; two minutes each side for medium-rare or cook to your taste. If you like,  add some blue cheese to the top in the final few minutes and allow it to melt.

Serve with some salad or just some rocket and vine tomatoes.

To go with it…

The classic wine choices to pair with grilled steaks are big, bold red wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. We’ve chosen an Australian Cab Sav called Cape Margaret.